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The Properties of Foods

Each person needs a different diet, which promotes their health and efficient function. The food we eat, plays an important role in the maintainence & preservation of our health. Eating the wrong type of food  is an important cause for us to fall ill. Knowledge about the properties of each of the foods you eat, can help to guide you in adjusting your diet to regain & maintain good health. 

The following list in Dutch, French & English, gives information about the effects of different foods on the body. Click the menu for the language of your choice and submenus will take you to lists of foods under various headings, fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices etc.

La liste suivante en francais, neerlandais et en anglais donne des informations sur les effets de certains aliments sur le corps. Cette liste peut etre utilise comme guide pour vous aider a réglé votre régime. 

De onderstaande lijst in Nederlands, Frans en Engels geeft informatie over de effecten van bepaalde voedingsmiddelen op het lichaam. Deze lijst kan worden gebruikt als leidraad voor uw dieet.

I  thank my friend Micheal Jackson who formulated the original version of this food list in English & French and educated me about what the French eat!

I thank  Lea Cohen & Ruud Vleeshouvers for their help with expanding this list and translating it into French & Dutch.
I thank Romain Bollack for his help in translating the comments into French.




List of symbols on the food chart and what they signify.

A= highly acidic
a= slightly acidic/peu acide/beetje zuur
N= Neutral
b= slightly basic/peu basique/beetje basisch
B= strongly basic
C= Constipating, Constipant,
H= High Fibre
g= gas forming
G= highly gas forming
L= laxative, Laxatif
M= generates mucus