This site gives an overview of my philosophy, the way I diagnose and treat patients. It has information about my clinic and some different modalities of treatment suitable for different problems.

I use a scientific approach using a variety of methods for diagnosis and use a wide range of treatments to allow the best possible result for each patient. I look at the problems you have now, as well as try to predict the problems you are likely to encounter in the future and advise you how to prevent them and stay well. I spend a lot of time with each patient, understanding and analyzing the cause of their problems. I then formulate a treatment plan, explaining to each patient the causes of their problems. I guide them in the best way of helping themselves to get well and stay well.

My Approach to health & healing is to look at each individual as a human being with a body, mind and soul each of which is a part and parcel of you. A problem in any one of these will affect the other aspects as well.

In my treatment approach I aim to help you to revitalize all these three facets of your existence thus helping you to experience the health, peace & happiness, which is your essence and your birthright.

I believe in Preventive care, which promotes wellness and allows you to thrive. It is the most sensible approach to adopt in caring for your self. Investing in preventive care when you are well is usually cheaper and easier than having to face a crisis. I encourage my patients to see me regularly so I can help resolve any minor issues and guide them in maintaining good health throughout their lives.

Crisis care is difficult, expensive and time consuming both for patients and doctors. Minor problems are often a warning of problems to come. Attending to these problems early can prevent them from turning into serious problems.

Education of a patient is essential for effective treatment of any illness. An informed patient is an asset to himself who through his awareness and understanding of his own health can actively aid his healing process. This Website can help you understand some of the factors which influence your health. Diet is a very important part of this and receives its due importance on this site.

All human activity has two basic aims: the first- to survive, the next to be happy. All our activities flow from these two motivations. In this website you will find information which can help you achieve both these aims.

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