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Food, Water and Air

are the three basic requirements

for our bodies.

If these are of good quality

and taken in optimal quantities,

Our bodies will thrive and maintain good health.

For us to live,

and achieve the aims and objectives

we were born for,

our bodies' need to remain healthy

through out our limited lives.

Food is the basic fuel for our bodies.

If it is made with thought,



and a prayer

for your health

it will nourish

and protect

your body and your life.

The difference between an

average meal and a great meal

is usually

not only the difference in quality

of the ingredients

but of the effort, skill, love and care

which goes into the making of it.

Water is the medium

which supports our bodies.

Every cell of our body contains water,

is bathed in water

and draws its nutrition from water.

Drinking enough good clean water helps our body

to digest and absorb our food,

to elimate the toxic waste products of metabolism

and by cleansing itself to thrive and heal.

Oxygen from the air we breathe allows our body

to get energy from the food we eat

and thus to live our lives.


Clean air promotes good health and longevity.


The subsequent chapters deal with food, water and air

explaining the importance of all of these

especially the problems associated with an incorrect diet.

Understanding the

principles of good nutrition


intelligent implementation of the measures

mentioned in these chapters

can lead to considerable improvement

in your health and quality of life.